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Floor and Surface Disinfectant 1 Lt (Spray)

Floor and Surface Disinfectant 1 Lt (Spray)

Floor Surface Disinfectant 1 Lt

 Many Diseases are Transmitted from Surfaces Frequently Contact by People, Among them, Shopping Malls, Metro, Bus, Minibus etc., Public Transportation Vehicles, Cinema, Schools, etc. The Way To Avoid This Is To Use A Strong Disinfectant. Contact Areas Should Be Regularly Disinfected.


Product CategoryFloor Surface Disinfectant
Size1 liter


  • Active Chlorine: 0.046% Ph: 5.5
  • It is an Eco-Friendly Water-Based Disinfectant that Destroys Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi in Seconds in Contact Environments.
  • The product contains Active Chlorine (Hypochlorous Acid) and Deionized Water.
  • Does not contain alcohol, aldehyde, phenol and ammonium.
  • The Practitioner Does Not Harm The Person And The Environment, It Sterilizes Its Environment. It is environmentally friendly.
  • Like Chemical Disinfectants, it cleans from the root without covering the surface.
  • Does not leave residue after application, does not require rinsing and washing.
  • Effective Against Biofilm Layer and Biofilm Formation.
  • Multiway Clean is not toxic, it has antiseptic feature.
  • It Has High Oxidation Activity Even At Low Concentration.
  • It does not harm the skin and human health, does not cause allergies.
  • Does Not Cause Skin Irritation, Damage and Eyes Burning Like Chlorine.
  • It Has A Wide Antimicrobial Spectrum, Does Not Allow Bacterial Formation.
  • Provides fast and effective disinfection, does not leave residue and residue, does not create corrosion, and also eliminates existing corrosion.
  • Does Not Damage Wall, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Hard and Sensitive Surfaces.
  • Removes Dirty and Bad Smells in the Environment, Creates a Fresh, Hygienic and Clean Air.
  • Biocidal Product License has been obtained by the Ministry of Health as a Personal and Public Area.

Usage areas:

  • Disinfection of All Surfaces in Hospitals, Operating Rooms and Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels, Dormitories, Kindergartens, Schools
  • In the Disinfection of Transportation Vehicles
  • Disinfection of Workplaces and Offices
  • Disinfection and Sterilization of Hairdressers and Barbershop Equipment
  • Factories and Production Facilities
  • In Mosques and Masjids
  • Restaurants and Kitchens
  • In Disinfection of Waste and Garbage
  • Disinfection of Military Barracks
  • Disinfection of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems
  • On All Parts and Surfaces of Yachts


  • You and your environment are protected from bacteria, viruses and fungi by mixing Multiway Clean at a ratio of 5/100 (1 liter to 50 ml) into Cleaning Water for Bathrooms, Closets, Sinks, Armatures, Kitchen Countertops, Kitchen Tools and also Cleaning Water for All Floor and Surface Cleaning. Disinfection Process; It is made in the form of wiping, pouring, spraying, dipping and mopping.
  • Hypochlorous Acid is an Ideal Disinfectant for All Surfaces, Environment and Personnel. It is a proven product against all known bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It Has No Toxic Effect And Does Not Create Any Toxic By-Product. When it is kept for 5 minutes and used on all surfaces, it eliminates the effect of bacteria and viruses.