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Hand & Skin Disinfectant

Hand & Skin Disinfectant

Hand & Skin Disinfectant

It is a Disinfectant for Personal Hygiene. To Prevent Microorganism Growth In The Mouth. For Surgical and Medical Hand Disinfection; Before and after all surgical and medical interventions and examination procedures, in risky areas such as operating rooms, intensive care units, in public places, after common use of all kinds of tools, pour / spray or wipe your hands in an amount to wet your hands, where hand and skin hygiene is required. Around Wound Cleansing Care Solution; It is used in all kinds of wound environment cleaning and care. It is applied 3-6 times a day to wet the wound environment.

Product CategoryHuman health

Type 1 - Application Area: HAND and SKIN

Today, There Are Thousands of Microorganisms That Can Cause Fatal Diseases Everywhere That Look Very Clean. Influenza, cold, jaundice, hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV, intestinal parasites infect our body through hands, skin, blood and air. Multiway Clean Completely Disinfects Infectious Environments Thanks To Its Very Wide Antimicrobial Spectrum From Application.


  • Sufficient Solution to Wet the Hands Completely is Rubbed into the Palms, Your Hands and Skin; Protects Against Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi.
  • It is applied by rubbing on the skin by taking the amount of solution that will wet the area to be applied for skin hygiene. Applied 6 times a day, it is effective against skin, nail and foot fungus, acne and acne, mouth, nose, ear wounds, odors and many more.
  • Hypochlorous Acid Also Called Neutral Anolyte, It Is A Non-Toxic Solution Produced By 100% Natural Methods Used For Disinfection In Many Areas.
  • It is a Natural, Environmentally Friendly Biocidal Disinfectant Produced To Fight Against Microorganisms Like Neutrophils In The Human Body.

Usage areas:

  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels, Dormitories, Schools, Kindergartens and Classrooms
  • Public Transport, Transportation Vehicles (Airplane, Bus, Train etc.)
  • In Common Use Areas of the People
  • In Shopping Centers
  • In Home and Workplace Environments
  • From Packaging to Sales Locations in Production Facilities
  • In toilets, Hand and Skin Hygiene
  • It can be used safely in all areas with risk of infection and in any place with human contact.