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Ozone Disinfector

Ozone Disinfector

99% Disinfection with Ozone

Patented and CE Certificated, Teos Ozone Generator gives ozone to both air and water and performs air and water disinfection.


With Ozone, You and Your Loved Ones are Safe

Ozone is an active oxygen and an element of nature. Each ozone molecule consists of 3 oxygen atoms. Ozone is a natural purifier. Ozone is the strongest oxidant that can be used safely. Ozone is a healthy and natural disinfection method in the water you drink in the air we breathe, in the areas we use (pool, bathroom, toilet, office, kitchen ……). Ozone is the safest air and water disinfection known in the world. Ozone is environmentally friendly and does not leave any residue.


Plug & Play

It does not require extra filters, additives or installation. It is used with Plug & Play logic.

Digital Control

Thanks to the digital system, it is enough to enter the m2 information of the environment in which you are located, the digital system automatically makes all the amount and timing settings.

Intelligent Control

Models with smart control system can be operated remotely by phone.


What Does Ozone Do?

Pandemic Influenza (Influenza A / (H1N1) v) Influenza Virus becomes ineffective with 0.4 - 0.5mg / l ozone.

All other Streptococcus bacteria are destroyed by ozone in 30 seconds.

Covid 19 Corona Virus becomes ineffective against 0.4 - 0.5mg / l ozone.

The ozone layer in the atmosphere protects people from deadly radiation.

It destroys bacteria, viruses and molds. It eliminates spores, cysts, yeasts and fungi. Oxidizes iron, sulfur, manganese and hydrogen sulphate.

It eliminates oil and other contamination.

It eliminates odors in the air. (Smoke, after fire or all odors etc.)

It cleans the water. It gives crystal clearness to the water. It keeps the water fresh.


Unique with its technology

Completely domestic and patented Ozone bulb has a much longer and healthier working life compared to equivalent products.


Superior Bulb Technology

Teos ozone generator provides a bulb warranty of 10000 hours. Unlike all other bulbs, this bulb is a special bulb that produces high quality ozone with increased durability. The most common problem in ozone generators is that device bulbs do not last long. While the ozone generator bulb produces ozone with high voltage, the bulbs cannot withstand this current for a long time and they fail. Unfortunately, bulb prices are quite high and this causes great problems for the consumer. Another problem is the ozone bulbs, which is not clear how much ozone they produce, which really creates a big problem for the user. For these reasons, it is important to use products that are certified with a light bulb warranty and CE documents that are known how much ozone they produce. Teos ozone generator performs disinfection processes with you and safely for many years. In order to provide this service, our company has all CE certificates and certificates.


Health is right beside you

When used in homes, Teos Ozone, Removing pet odors, Eliminating cigarette odor, Removing odors that have formed and settled afterwards, Eliminating odors in the kitchen and providing sanitation, Preventing the formation of mold spores in cabinets and wardrobes, Removing shoe odors, Neutralizing dust particles that cause allergies is effective. If there is a patient at home, it sanitizes the environment and prevents the disease from spreading and infection.


Where is Ozone Used?

Covid-19 Corona, Influenza, Sars etc. Ozone is used in all hospitals and social settings to treat or prevent infection. Ozone is used for air cleaning and odor removal in hotel rooms, operating rooms, hospitals, schools, hotels, WCs, paint industry, ships, cars and buildings exposed to fire smoke. Ozone is used in tens of thousands of pools and spas, both commercial and domestic, all over the world. Generally applicable in all areas.


Ozone is Suitable for Every Environment

Teos Ozone, which has a very wide area of ​​use, Health and beauty sector, Food Sector, Drinking water purification & disinfection, Disinfection of pool water, Pets and plants, Removing bad odors, Eliminating bacteria and viruses, Disinfecting air conditioning systems, Laundry etc It can serve in different areas without residue and without any harm to human health.


Multifunctional Digital Solutions

Thanks to ozone, Washing and removing bacteria of all kinds of food products, Surface cleaning, Disinfection of equipment and equipment, Extending the shelf life by using food products in storage areas, Transport of food products, Elimination of bacterial load, Elimination of unwanted odors, Improvement of appearance quality, In terms of human pestiness It is ensured that it is safe and the environments you are in are disinfected. Thanks to its digital control system, it provides automatic working timing.



(Ozone limit value accepted by the world health organization is 0.08 ppm per hour. Teo3s ozone generator produces 0.001 ppm ozone per hour. below). SAFE for human health.

Eliminates Odors

Ozone gas oxidizes synthetic or organic compounds that are the source of bad odors in the air and water, and prevents bad odors. Water smell, Mildew smell, Sour odors, Food smells, Fish smell, Onion smell, Garlic smell, Hospital smell, Medical smell, Paint smell, Exhaust smell, Cigarette smell, Sewer smell, Animal smell, Poultry smell, Manure smell, Garbage smell , Chemical odors, Fire odors.

High Impact

Ozone, which damages the cell structure by breaking down the cell wall of micro organisms, causes micro organism death by affecting the enzyme system of the cell and stopping cell respiration. For these reasons, viruses, harmful bacteria, spore, fungus, mold, etc., which have cell structure, have a fatal effect on all harmful microorganisms.

Long Bulb Life

It differs from equivalent products with a longer battery life of 10000 hours. Unlike all other bulbs, this bulb is a special bulb that produces high quality ozone with increased durability. Teos ozone generator performs disinfection processes with you and safely for many years. In order to provide this service, our company has all CE certificates and certificates.

Plug & Play

Teos ozone generator has a simple operation method that will not force the consumer, it will be enough to plug it in and press the switch on the device. The device disinfects with a natural method without any filter or chemical application. There are different device options with time separator and remote access module.

Healthy Foods

Vegetables and fruits washed with ozone water reduce the initial total microbial load by 90%. Storage life of vegetables and fruits increases 2 times after ozone application. Application of ozone in process steps (such as washing, sorting, end cutting, seed removal) reduces or completely eliminates microbial risk 3-4 times. The use of ozone in boiling water, in the water in which brine and syrup is prepared also purifies the product from microorganisms. Since all microorganisms never die in frozen processed foods, minimizing the initial number of microorganisms is a very important criterion. Frozen foods, Dry food production, Dried Food production, In the meat sector, the disinfection of the devices and the environment is provided by Teos Ozone.